The vast potential of blockchain has yet to be revealed.

Blockchain is a young technology with tremendous potential for the global transformation of business, government, and society through the removal of intermediaries. This technology will allow everyone to communicate and collaborate globally on an equal footing, without borders.

We are StrongBlock, a team of highly experienced blockchain, governance, security, and database technology experts. StrongBlock will exponentially increase global adoption of EOS and other governed blockchain technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a software technology that implements a distributed ledger of transactions using cryptographically secured accounts. Complete copies of the ledger exist on multiple servers, hence a “distributed ledger”.

What is EOSIO?

EOSIO is open-source blockchain software. Think of it like an application, e.g. a database. set the industry standard by inventing DPOS, a mechanism that allows users to agree on data and make collective decisions. DPOS is the key innovation that makes EOSIO a first-in-class blockchain.

What is EOS?

EOS is the name of the native token on the EOSIO platform. It is also the name usually associated with the EOS ‘mainnet’.

What is a DApp?

A DApp is a decentralized application, sometimes called a distributed application. DApps are software which operate on a blockchain.

What is blockchain governance?

Governance is the process that a blockchain community of users agrees to abide by. The intent of governance is to establish a common set of policies and procedures used to manage actions on the blockchain.

What is a governed blockchain?

A blockchain with a governance layer empowers its stakeholders to agree upon standards of human-behavior to protect the viability of the blockchain while simultaneously ensuring the immutability and trustworthiness of blockchain-based data.

Why would enterprises want to use blockchain software?

Properly configured and deployed blockchain software promises to dramatically reduce friction and enhance trust in the operations of businesses both internally and with their business partners. Blockchain enables business models that were previously impossible.

What is StrongBlock?

StrongBlock provides software solutions to enterprises wishing to adopt blockchains to radically enhance business operations and business models.

Who founded StrongBlock?

StrongBlock was founded by blockchain veterans. Key employees of, David Moss, Thomas Cox, Corey Lederer, and Brian Abramson ( LLC employees 2, 3, 4, and 5), were leaders in the successful build of the EOSIO software and launch of the EOS mainnet. StrongBlock’s technical team consists of other veterans as well as EOS community project leaders.

Why is StrongBlock using EOSIO software rather than some other blockchain technology?

Our mission is to make blockchain software ready for broad enterprise adoption. We are using EOSIO because we find it to be the fastest performing, most flexible, and most governable blockchain software currently available. EOSIO is supported by an army of open-source developers in an ever-growing community of stakeholders.

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